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real.. it almost ffoled uu. in your inbox... tomorrow on ffx45 mooning news. mans death is ruled a homcide. how this contradicts wwth what pplice say happeeed... and the legal action now being taken. the orioles beat the rays.. but thhir postseason chanccss are still slim.the two things theirrplayoff dreaas live. and.. what you can do today to find out i you're getting a big refund from aaerican express. - wednesday, october 3rd. 3 3 3
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the death of an east baltimore man who died in police custody is ruled a homicide. the medical examinee just released anthony anderson's autopsy repo. reporr.megan gilliland is here with more on why anderson's pamily says it's proof of police brutality. good mooning guys,,ccording o anderson died from blunt-force &pinjury aater a confrontation week ago. 21... just over a in the five page report... the medical xaminer says he suffered broken ribs... a ruptured spleen... and a head say they caught anderson in a drug deal and that he chhked on drugs... but the autopsy
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pitnesses... includingg anderson's mother....ssy man to eath on east biddle street and montford aaenue. (ms..harvey/sisterr "tony puffered on thaa lot. he was handduffed and suffering and &phe died. we waat the officer fired. we want them arrested and ww want them conviited." convicted." thh family says plaiiclothes ... grabbed anderson from r... watching.d... with his family - the offiiers involved have continues.iim megan gilliland, fox45 morning ews. police arrested two men n connection ithhthree kidnappings...all since september 25th. officers said wo women wwre abducted at gunpoiit mondayy.. one in the city and theeother at a bus stop at ingleside and edmonnon avenues.those two another, similar incident. 14:4:06 during ur innestigation we were able to
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connect one suspect from yesterddy's assault to an assault on september aa the & ame bus stop :12 :12last night, police &&pidenti kidnappings..hey are kenyon wallee and william campbell. both are from baltimore. a 17-year-old student is facing charges in connection with a stabbing monday inside johns is charggd s an adult with attempted fiisttand second degree murder...afftr allegedly stabbing annther hearing is set for october 30th anne arundel county aaimal cootrol seizes dozenn of what thhy're callinn na &pdeplorable conditions. conditions.animal control says 21 year old shane taylor kept more than 0 animals.. including tto dogs.. turtles.. birds.. snakes and a potbelly pig... inside his home.they taylor by providing wiih th - the animals after findinggthem wiihout food or wwter.but they say he didn't follow their
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instructions.. so the animall had to be the owner says they have heewrong soon assthey are ready for adoption i find them a home ttat takee up one less &pspace that can help nn more . animal....(9959)its all been out of thekindness of my heart i trulyyhave been doing beccuse..officials say several charggs are ending. p3 the orioles goo ddminated by tampa bay's pitcher laat night.... but still managed to pull out a victory in the second to last game of the seeson. seasonn but tte red sox could ot beat theeyynkees, so new ork keeps a one gameelead in the american league east with one game left to play... t. tonighh. last night this was the only mistake rays pitcher james shields made..... he struck out 15 orioles, but not chris davis here. davis
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the huge blast, by homering in 6 straight gamessnow. and then it came down once again to jim johnson going for the save.. and he gett the groundout to in the game. the yankees retain a one game &plead over the o's with one game tooplay for each team. the o's must winntonight and &pp one game playoff for thee - east croww. that game would bb innbaltimore tomorrow iiht. for the orioles save.... which places his
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seasonnas one of the best ever forra reliever. and sooe local entrrpreneurs are his season.ll want more than 3 season.. joel d. smith is llve in dundalk where tte latest oriolls t-shirt is trying o capitalize on the orioles "good times". good morning joee d. &p3 33 3 3 3
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theeffist of three take place tonight in denver. the state has nine electoral votes uu for grabb, making it a key rize for bothh the democratic incumbent and his republican chhllenger..-ain. preview. final preparations are underway for tonight's first presidential election debaae showdown between president obama and republican candddate mitt romney will take place at the universityyoo denver. unlikeedebatessof tte past... organizers say this event will be a little different.peter eyre / commissioo oo presidential ebates:" what's different about the format is that we are dividdng the hour-and-a-half debate into six discuusion segments // we think ttat those exxended iscussioo periods thh world really et a sense of thh candidates views on he key issues..." the economy is a key issue on he cammaignntrail... but
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since colorado is one offthe few states that appearssto bb weathering the national economic downturn, some won't bb voting withhtheir pocketbooks...david stavely / air assto whooi am going to for why i aa still in up the airr and it really comes down to do i want to see a better economy or loss rightss thha's the way look at it..."carmmn mendoza / voter:"...i need to actually listening to the pas a fixed inccme, the one who has minimum wage...." one polittcal analyst says this first debate is important since oth men have something to prove.michael tanner / cato inssttute senior fellow "...the public wants to seeeif mitt romney is an acceptable alternativee they ssrt of know the presiient. e's the devil devil they don't and they haven't made up their mind about him, one way or tte other right now...''(anchor tag) there will e two more presidential debates this month... the second one taking place on october 16th. in new york, ainsley earhardt, fox news.
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during tooight's presidential debatee... some experts will pe busy analyzznn the ody contenders. professor karen bradley has been stuuying the movements of the politicians for years. as a certified movement verbal behaviors of political - leaders... and has some advise for the this year's presidenniil conttnders. (on romney)"i would really work with mitt omney on breathing.. and becoming more grounded in his body so he doesn't do that shifting"(on obbma)"i would work with barrack obama ((butt too)) he has a strange phhasing takes strange pauses.. " " the debate takee pllae tonight in denver. stay tuned to fox45 morning news for continuing coverage pf the debate.we goolive to denver with a prevvew.. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour. many parents, teachers and students are leavinggthe car beeind this morning..and are walking to school. today is
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interrational walk to school day.many area pre-school, elementary, and middle schhols are particpating.the dayss s creating safer routes for waaking and biking... a cleaner enviornment... and emphasizing the importance of physical activity. edition... cracking down on pambling.the "sweepstakks pnder fire.hat areecoming - fire. ((break 1)) ((bump in)) ((2-shot toss to p(bump in)) ((breaak1))((break 1)) [ female announcer ] there are lots of different ways
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kleenex®. america's softest tissue. at meteorologist)) 3 3
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still to come... ameeican express forced toorefund customers.hoo to find out f 3 &pyou can expect... to get a cheek. 3 dettrmining if gaminn high stakks decision operators and taappyers are waiiing for. ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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police and lawmakers want to crackdown on what theyy maryland.but a judge may in - decide this week whether interree gammng terminals fall under the state's casino laws. melinda roeder explains what's at sttke for ooerators and taxp. at this bingo hall in south baltimore... players can purchaseecredits fr so-called to customers for a fee"..... they go online... and play games - sooe evennsimulate slot machines -- and players say it's no differenttthan a 03/16/2012 - ericcluedtke) - &p"they're not going in there t check their email. they're going in there t get the free
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sweepstakks entrres that they then use to reveal prices wwthh slots style games."state year to efine slot machines.... including "through the internet."last month - baltimore's city opinion - that such games should be considered illlgall... and fall under the oversight of the "state lottery commission."without &pbeinn regulated - owners aren't ppying taxes... competition with casinos and lotterr retailers who follow revenue goes to the taxpayers. ii doens't go ouu to help gamblers annonymous. t doesnn' bring revenue to he state. it actually steals money from the staae because to a leeal lottery agencc t a restaurant or a bar and they are losing money."delegateepaa mmdonough doesn't understand sweepstakes games yet.- &pbeing asked to approve expanded gambling....00:23:56 "i'm here today to ssa ' govvrnor and exforcement officials' get off your utts and go to work."police in
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baltimore cityysent warning but thh operator of this ss... faciliiy has filed suit - in an effort to keep his gaming enforcement is on hold - for nowwmelinda roeder - fox 55 a circuittcourt hearing on thee tomorrow. straighh ahead... a major credit carr company... targeted for its deceptive prac. &ppractices.the big bucks many americans can expeet to get back, ((break 3)) 3 aú aúst week -- diicover issued a
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multi-million dollar refund to week -- american express faces - a similar situaaion.alison kosik has more on how to know if you're gettingga refund. refund. american express is shelling oot big bucks to its pustomers -- but they're not refund 855million dollars to over 250-thousanddcussomers.
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and that's all becauseeof what the consumer financial protectionnbureau calls "deceptive practices". the c-f-p-b says american express subsidiaries harggd customers late fees above the legal tricked customers by telling them ttey would get $300 cardholders never aw that -- money.the investigation also found applicants were discriminated against ased oo also misled about debt ill collection practices. o how will you know if you're getting a refund?american and checks will be deposited directly into yourraccount.if you're no longer an am-ex customer -- a heck will be mailed to you. the refund amounttvaries -- but $300 for a blue sky card will receive that money.and others will get theer late fees reimbursed. for more info on the cass -- head to the c-f-p-b's website: consumer kosik in new york. alison - cooing up....sttengthhning a
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sports program... by cutting te. tes.the contrrversial recommendations being made at towson universitt. university.connlicting storiis frrm police and witnesses over how an east baltimore man died. what the stttt medical legal action now being aken. bth - war on islamic fascism immediately afterrthe 9911 attacks i was among the &psupporters of a military response called the "war on terrorism."not long after, i dropped that support. nnt of the miiitary response. but in calling this a "war on terrorism."ttere is no war on terrorism. any morr ttan there is a waa on suiciie bombers. or snipers. terrorism is a has to identify a problem before it can be solved. and one has to can be wasnnt 19 into kyscrapers. noo was it buddhists who ccopped off the berg. the underwear bbmber
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wasn't a jeww and sikhs are not ssooting our troops in afghanistan.i'mmnot saying all muslims are vil. my friends wwo are muslim know this. but there are iilamic fascists whose goal is to wipe out all non-believerr. they even beheaa children to achheve this. sadly, they exist in -s gooernment's refusaa to aamit this - going back to 2001 - staff to ggttslaughtered in - libya in spite of an avalanche washington.we may never win this war if we don't name it for whaa it is.for mmre on headlines dot net. and follow mark hyman.
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